About Suris Furnitech

SURIS Furnitech was founded in 2008 by Karan Suri and Romi Suri with a vision to offer wide range of trendy, elite, comfortable and high in quality home and office furniture in Mumbai. Our motto is “Fulfilling your dreams within your means”. We also provide customized home furniture based on your chosen designs.

Spread over 5,000 sq. ft. the showroom is equipped with its exclusive furniture, keeping in pace with the changes in trends, we always assist you to beautify you space in accordance to your taste and requirements.

With a team of well qualified staff we endeavor to provide you with prompt service, good quality products and timely deliveries.

The ability to make your home beautiful and office desirable, SURIS Furnitech is a name you can trust for delivering high quality home furniture and bedroom furniture.

Furni – Furniture
T – Trendy
E – Elite
C – Comfort
H – High Quality